Answer of the below questions


Of the various astronomers we’ve discussed in the course, please choose one that you think is the most influential and write a short paragraph about him/her. Include specific contributions.

Exoplanets or extrasolar planets are planets that orbit stars other than the Sun. Do a web search for Exoplanets. How many of these planets are thought to have been detected? How were they detected? Do any of these planets orbit stars similar to the Sun? Are any of these planets similar to the Earth in terms of size and mass?

The Big Bang theory of Cosmology is accepted by nearly all astronomers. Please list, and describe, three major observations that support this theory.

Use your textbook and the internet to research the issues involved with human space travel within, and ouside of, the solar system. List some of the issues that make human space travel within the Solar System difficult. What are the factors that make human interstellar space travel unlikely – even in the distant future?
If they exist, what implications does this have for contact between advanced civilizations in the Universe?