Expert Solutions


1. Explain and discuss in detail how the principle of parens patriae has changed over time. Why do authors contend that the apparent contradictions in the treatment of juveniles in the justice system make sense when the term parens patriae is equated with the idea of paternalism rather than rehabilitation?
2. Explain why there has been a move away from attempting to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and toward policies of punishment and accountability. how does this policy compare with some of the more common societal myths inyour community regarding juvenile justice.

3. Discuss which strategies for strengthening families to reduce the factors that place children in higher risk of becoming delinquents would or would not work in your community?

4. Why is the concept of intervention in the grassroots community so important in dealing with delinquency? What should be done with the hard-core juvenile offender?

5. Do you think the juvenile system functioned better under the earlier les formal parens patriae system or is it better under the post-Gault Decision courts?