A+ Paper

write a 2,000- to 2,500 word term paper. Choose three counseling theories covered in class to provide counseling for the family below. The situation is vague; you are to fill in the details so that you are able to apply the theory. You may modify you scenario slightly for each theory, if needed. Consider the following situation. A woman comes in for counseling. Her husband and daughter were in a car accident. He barely lived but her daughter did not make it. The woman cannot be in the same room with her husband and she finds herself wishing he would die. Develop a counseling plan for the woman and couple for each of the three theories you choose. You will create intermediary goals to help the client reach the ultimate goal. Each intermediate goal must be justified using research to indicate why that specific approach falls in line with the overall theory you are using. Use a minimum of three sources per theory to support why the counseling plan you outlined is the best given the theory you chose. Please see the basic outline for the counseling plan to help you structure your paper. Use a minimum of nine sources, with at least four dated within the past 10 years. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines