You’ve been given a task. Clean up a list of names in a text file. Each line of the text file contains a student’s name, however due to sloppy an inaccurate data entry, they are not consistent. Here are some examples of how they are not quite right. john Smith micheal a. stedMan j edgar hoover The names must be in “Proper Name” format; the first letter of the first name, the middle initial or name, and the last name must all be upper case, and the rest of that name in lower case. In the event of only a single letter for either the first or the last name, then it must be followed by a period. (“.”) Assumptions: First, middle and last names appear in that order on each line.. the first and or middle names may only be an “initial” and there is at least a single space separating each part of the name. There is no requirement to have a middle name or initial (it might only be first name and last name). Objective: Display the corrected name(s), with a count of how many entries were converted.