Visual Basic

Create a program that allows the user to manage vehicle information including:

• License plate number

• Owner name

• Owner phone number

The user interface will be GUI-based providing the following capabilities:

• Add up to 100 vehicles

• Remove specified vehicles

• View a sorted list of all known license plates

• View the data for a specified vehicle

• Save the database contents into a file

• Load a saved database from a file


1. Supports license plate numbers

2. Supports owner name

3. Supports owner phone number

4. Includes text menu-based user interface

5. Supports user addition of up to 100 vehicle records

6. Supports user removal of records

7. Presents a sorted list of known plates

8. Presents the data for specified vehicle

9. Saves database into file

10. Loads database from file

Consistently applies features appropriately.

Formatting is consistent with meaning, identifiers are explanative, and non-obvious

constructs are commented.