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1. In a population of 1000 dogs whose weights are normally distributed where the mean of the dog population is 12 and the standard deviation of the population is 6, what is the percentage of dogs we would expect to weigh between 10 and 20 pounds?
2. Test the hypothesis that the average weight for a dog is not 11.5 pounds, at the 5% level.
3. Test the hypothesis that the weight of a dog is more than 5 pounds greater than that of a cat, whose average weight is 6.8 pounds with a standard deviation of 1 pound in a sample of 100 cats.
4. If you were to run a regression with dog weight as the dependent variable, choose an appropriate set of independent variables and report your proposed regression equation.
5. How would you judge the effectiveness of your regression model?
6. What types of data would you need, how would you obtain these data and to what biases would your regression be subject? Be specific.