A+ Answers

Question 1. Compare and contrast fascism and Nazism and their rise. Why might one be more effective than the other at attracting support? (200 words)
Question 2. Discuss the changes to European imperialism between the World Wars. (200 words)
Question 3. Assume the perspective of a newly recruited teenager in the war. Choose and identify your side; describe your experience including pressures/motivations to enlist, expectations, and experience on or near the front lines. (500 words)
Question 4. Was the resistance movement by the smaller European powers during World War II effective? Provide examples. (200 words)
Question 5. Describe the catalysts that allowed Adolf Hitler to resurrect the German empire after World War I. What made him such an effective motivator? (200 words)
Question 6. Take the perspective of a citizen of East Berlin after 1961. Describe your perspective about the Soviet rule, Western freedoms, and hope for the future. (500 words)