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Over the years, government has begun to add warnings and/or disclosures, as well as, watchdog features on the media to identify inappropriate content. Do you think that the media should be censored or should they responsibly monitor themselves? Please research examples on how these features are used and on what forms of media when discussing your opinions. Be sure to cite your research in APA format and include your word count.
1. How does the media affect criminal justice policies? Give an example.
2. Do you believe a defendant in a high profile case can get a fair trial? Why or why not? Give an example.
3. Discuss how news media will change crime and justice, criminal justice procedures, criminal justice policies, and the public’s relationship to the criminal justice system.
4. Discuss the fairness and effectiveness of including a ban on new media used as a sentence condition.
5. If you were in charge of what type of media was released (television, movies, video games, music) what, if any, boundaries would you set in regards to the violence portrayed and why?