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Part 1 This week, develop a full deployment plan for the final technology or trend that was selected based on assessment and evaluation in Week 4. Include the following: Develop an integration strategy that addresses implementing the new technology within an existing information technology (IT) infrastructure. Describe at least 15 deployment activities, including conversion, staff training, operations support, customer readiness, and testing. Determine deinstallation back-out plan activities or exit strategies if the deployment fails. Develop a full deployment plan based on items 1–3.
Part 2 Go through all of the materials and exercises in Testout: LabSim Pro Network + for the following sections: 9: Network Management 10: Troubleshooting. For section 9, select 1 of the practice configurations or deployments, and describe what you have learned from this experience, including some of the issues that you faced. For section 10, identify 5 concepts that you learned in each of these chapters that you believe are most important to remember, and describe them in your own words.