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1.Compile a list of ISPs in your town or city (use SeattleWA). If you live in a rural area with few options, select a nearby city with more options so that you’ll be able to include some of the private WAN technologies in addition to residential WAN offerings. (please try to select a city in Washington state near seattle)
2. Check the Web site for each ISP to determine what broadband services they offer in your area, both for residential customers and corporate customers. Include both wired and wireless option.
Answer the following questions:
 – What are their advertised speeds?
 – How much does each solution cost on a monthly basis?
-What installation fees are there, if any?
-How far are you located from their CO? (If you’re researching another city besides your own, use a fictional location in the same city.)
-What effect will this distance likely have on the actual speeds of each service option?
Search online for customer reviews of each ISP in your list. What kinds of ratings does each ISP receive online?