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Coding questions refers to:

A. placing numbers on the questionnaire to facilitate data entry after the survey has been conducted.      

B. predetermining the responses; this makes report writing easier because the report may be started early, although it is recognized that it will have to be modified once the true results are reported.   

C. coding that is no longer used; it has been replaced totally by automated, computerized interviewing software.           

D. analysis methods for scaled-response questions only.     

A typical computer-assisted questionnaire design program will assist the designer by offering computerized menus for design issues such as which of the following?

A. The type of question format          

B. The number of response categories           

C. Whether multiple responses are to be used          

D. All of the above features are typically offered.    

Which of the following is the most accurate statement regarding the importance of the questionnaire in the research process?

A. Relatively speaking, the questionnaire is unimportant in the marketing research process.            

B. Not only is the questionnaire a very important ingredient, but its design affects the quality of the data collected; even experienced interviewers cannot compensate for questionnaire defects. 

C. The questionnaire is tied with the written report as being the most important item in the marketing research process.   

D. Not only is the questionnaire a very important ingredient, but its design affects the quality of the data collected, though experienced interviewers often compensate for questionnaire defects. 

In selecting the proper survey method, researchers balance:

A. the cost of the project with what the client is willing to pay.      

B. the time limitation of the client with the speed at which surveys must be conducted in order to have a profitable research firm.       

C. the quality of information desired with the requirement to take advantage of today’s technology.     

D. the quality of information desired with time deadlines and budget constraints. 

A loaded question is a question that:

A. asks the same thing over and over.           

B. places undue emphasis on some aspect of the topic.        

C. is two different questions posed as one.   

D. has buried word elements that make references to universal beliefs.      

Questionnaire organization refers to:

A. the way questionnaires are organized in a filing system. 

B. the sequence of statements and questions that make up a questionnaire.            

C. organizations mainly existing to construct questionnaires.         

D. determining if the question looks right.   

If the distance between 2 – 3 and 6 – 7 on a scale are equal, the scale would likely be at least:

A. nominal.     

B. ordinal.       

C. interval.      

D. ratio.           

Which of the following will increase mail survey response rates?

A. Use of color           

B. Stamps, rather than preprinted postage paid on the return envelopes      

C. Use of a recognizable brand name            

D. Use of an alert letter          

Some of the major advantages of using online surveys are:

A. easy-to-use SPAMBOTS to collect email addresses, lowering cost and increasing speed.            

B. real-time access to data and availability of many respondents attained by sending out randomly selected emails.     

C. low cost, speed, and sample representativeness.  

D. low cost, speed, and real-time access to data.      

Online surveys are generally believed to achieve response quality equal to that of:

A. telephone surveys. 

B. drop-off surveys.   

C. mall-intercept surveys.      

D. in-office surveys.   

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of self-administered surveys?

A. Reduced cost          

B. Respondent can control the pace of the survey     

C. No interviewer apprehension        

D. Considerable interviewer-evaluation apprehension         

One disadvantage of mall-intercept interviewing is that:

A. mall-intercepts, because they require the cooperation of all stores in a mall, are difficult to implement. 

B. turnover rates are high.      

C. mall shoppers may not be representative of the target market population.         

D. interviewers in mall-intercept studies are often distracted by mall activities.   

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-administered surveys?

A. Ability to develop rapport with the respondent    

B. Speed          

C. Error-free interviewing     

D. Use of pictures, videos, and graphics       

What are some of the problems associated with traditional telephone interviews?

A. Mistakes in administering the questions  

B. Insufficient call back for not-at-homes     

C. Dishonest interviewers      

D. All of the above     

What is NOT a unique advantage of using person-administered surveys?

A. Feedback    

B. Rapport      

C. Quality control       

D. Speed         

Which of the following answers represents the four guidelines of question wording?

A. Focused, simple, complete, crystal clear  

B. General, simple, brief, crystal clear          

C. Focused, simple, brief, crystal clear         

D. Focused, elaborate, brief, crystal clear     

Which is true regarding a disadvantage of self-administered surveys?

A. Because interviewers are not present, evaluation of the interview is impossible.          

B. The primary burden of respondent understanding is placed on the questionnaire.         

C. The primary burden of respondent understanding is placed on the field editor. 

D. Respondents feel anxious because they control the administration process.      

Scale development is designing questions and response formats to measure:

A. objective properties.          

B. subjective properties.        

C. objective characteristics.   

D. subjective objects. 

Adaptability refers to the ability to react to respondent differences. Which survey method is best suited for adaptability?

A. Computer-administered surveys   

B. Self-administered surveys 

C. Drop-off surveys    

D. Person-administered surveys        

Which single characteristic is unique to a nominal type of measurement?

A. Description            

B. Order          

C. Distance     

D. Origin