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You have been selected as the project manager for a new product development. Your client is a home appliance company. The new product is a smart washing-machine. Clients require you to start the project ASAP (We will use November 2, 2015 as our start date). Assuming that the task list, resource sheet, schedule dependencies and resource assignment statement are given, use MS Project 2013 / 2010 to answer the following questions. (All known materials are attached)
If the project starts on November 2, 2015, on what date will the project be completed?
How many total labor hours does your project require?
What is your cost estimate without any reserves? Round numbers, such as $210,000, would be adequate.
Optional: If you used resource leveling or added additional resources, indicate the revised completion data. Do this step after you answer questions 1-3. Resource leveling cannot be easily reversed.
You should know how to use MS Project to resolve above questions.
You should know how to use WBS in MS Project.
You should know how to use Gantt Chart to manage your tasks.
You are supposed to evaluate finish date, costs and critical path.
You are expected to manage your resource by MS Project.
The handout MS Project 2013 is a good instruction assisting you to go through this practice. Please make sure you have MS Project 2013 stay aside you.

 Try two different methods of linking dependencies that are demonstrate in MS Project 2013 handout.