Create a program uses classes that projects the traits for the baby based on the genes of the two parents The traits that will be used will be: race/darkness, hair color, eye color, height, and lastly sex (Which should be randomized and affect height) The program should put together two parents of varying race, hair color, eye color, and height to give a projected average for the child.* *For traits such as eye color, use the Punnet square, so 1/4 chance blue and 3/4 chance brown with Bb and bb. Other traits can also be determined by this method, but eye color is the only one needed, in other cases, its a combination of the two. After this, display the parent’s genes and then the projected results for the child between the two. Just For fun: Assign the baby a random name based on its gender as well! No Unisex names! You can add other features i.e. nose size, shoe size, etc., but they’re not required