Calculations Shown

Complete the following exercise. Fill in the Excel spreadsheet provided via the link below to provide your answers to parts a, b, and c. Then paste the Excel data into a Word document on which you
can also write the answer to part d.
Label each exercise or problem clearly. Use APA formatting and citation if needed.
Uzi Company received a charter granting the right to issue 200,000 shares of $1.00 par value common stock and 10,000 shares of 8% cumulative and nonparticipating, $50.00 par value preferred stock that is callable at $80.00 per share. Selected transactions are presented below.
Feb. 22 Mar
Dec. 20X2 Jan.
Dec. 31 20X3 Jan.
Prepare general journal entries to record the selected transactions.
Prepare a stockholders’ equity section as of the close of business on December 31, 20X2.
Determine the book value per preferred share and per common stock as of December 31, 20X2.
Provide a rationale between 200 and 300 words in length for buying or not buying this stock based on the financial information presented.