console application

using a console application, create the following: A Record Store needs an inventory class to catalog their current assets. This will be your base class. To ensure information hiding, the base class should include private variables for each of the following Properties:
A constructor that accepts the ID Number (ID Number is read only),
A Property that Get an ID Number, (integer)
A Property that Gets/Sets a Title (string)
A Property that Gets/Sets an Artist (string)
A Property that Gets/Sets a Genera (string) (i.e. rock, country, classical, etc.)
using the base class above, create a child class with:
-Child contains a default constructor that includes; Accepts an ID Number, A default Title of type String = “Some Record, A default Genera = “Rock”, and A default Price of 12.50.
-A Property that Gets/Sets a Price (double)
-A method that displays the instantiated objects’ properties
-Last, generate the code to create/instantiate on object of the child class and supply new values (via get/set, with items of your choice) for each property and display.