Create a gui form named TheArea

Create a gui form named TheArea, that allows the user to enter the length, width, or radius and then displays the area of the selected shape as follows: a. A brief explanation of what the user should do. b. the user will enter the length and width or radius via separate textboxes (three separate textboxes). c. Use a radio button that allows them to select a shape to calculate 1. rectangle, 2.Circle 3. Square. Create three area calculating methods: 1. rectangle-using to double ‘value’ input parameters (L & W) on double ‘ref’ parameter to return to the double Area. 2. circle-use on double ‘value’ input parameter (R), one double ‘out’ parameter that contains the Area. 3. square-use one double ‘value’ input parameters (L), use the Method’s return to return the double Area. Using a switch statement, determine which area is to be calculated and call the appropriate method from within the switch statement. Include a button, labeled The Area to initiate the area calculation and displays the shape selected and its’ area. Include a try catch block within your buttons code that catches non numeric input and displays a message to the user. Include a Clear All button that clears all and an Exit Button