Create an initial ePortfolio web site (with multiple pages) for your WEBD courses (or any other courses that are relevant) on your PC (under a subfolder called ePortfolio). Apply everything that you have learned to date on how to create an attractive and informative Web site with multiple pages using external CSS style sheets and HTML 5 files. Each class in the WEBD program will afford an opportunity to enhance the site with new techniques and also to add additional items. By the completion of the program, a complete ePortfolio will be created that can serve to document your progress through the curriculum as well as provide a place to showcase your individual work and talent.  DO NOT include actual links to HTML code that is part of the homework assignments or labs for this class  – simply show your work using screenshots and word descriptions. Your ePortfolio must include the following (at a minimum):
On the main home or root page of your ePortfolio web site, include a short biography of yourself with an image of you (properly cited [don’t forget to include this file in the subfolder prior to submission]), contact information [such as your home address, Franklin email address (active link), etc.], working navigation links to all other pages in your ePortfolio site, and a complete summary of the purpose and scope of your site.
An additional web page to other courses completed while attending Franklin or other colleges (including details about each course and samples if appropriate [screenshots only]).  You should, at a minimum, have a description of your WEBD101 course (including this ePortfolio in particular).
An additional web page to an online resume (this could be a short description with a link to a Word document, PDF document, or a complete web page with your resume on it in HTML code [don’t forget to include a copy of this document and any others in your subfolder prior to submission]).  It should include experience, education, goals, contact information, etc.  The page should include a brief synopsis of your highlights, in addition to a link to your resume.
An additional web page that includes a contact form with AT LEAST 4 text boxes and a radio group and checkbox group (each separated using the fieldset element), a reset and submit button (that goes to your Franklin email address with subject using the action of mailto:, the method of POST, and the enctype of text/plain) including at a minimum the request for the visitor’s first and last name (required), his or her comments, and phone number or e-mail address (required).  At least one of the form elements should be required and the first item in your radio group and checkbox group should be selected by default.