Add the interest using (balance * interestRate / 12)§ addInterest() to add the monthly interest for each iteration Declare a class variable called interestRate (This will hold the annual interest rate) o Declare a constant called ACCOUNT_NUMBER o Declare an instance variable called balance o Provide a class method that will be used to set the annual interest rate o Provide a two parameter constructor to initialize the constant account number and balance o Provide an addInterest() method to update the balance based on the interestRate entered in the driver §getBalance() to display the current balance (See sample) 45% §Basic Requirements Write a program that tracks an investment for 1 person based on the input of an interest rate. The initial balance should be $2,000. The interest should be added to the balance and output in table format as shown in the supplied sample. o Instantiate an investor1 object using a two parameter constructor passing the account number 1001 and the initial balance of $2,000 o Get input for interest rate (in the format .08 for 8%) o Output header as per sample showing interest rate o Print the table using a for loop displaying the current month and calling: