MATH233 unit 5 IP Assignment Choice 2

 MATH233  unit 5 IP Assignment Choice 2:
According to its Web site, “SpeedOf.Me is an HTML5 Internet speed test. The smartest and most accurate online bandwidth test; it works well on…mobile devices as well as desktop computers.” By using your browser to test the Internet connection, it returns download and upload speeds including maximum rates and latency time periods. “It reflects your actual browsing and download experience.”
Be sure to show your work details for all calculations and explain in detail how the answers were determined for critical thinking questions. Round all value answers to three decimals.
Go to this Web site, “stop all Internet activities, and click ‘Start Test’.” In the following order, record your device’s download, upload, latency, max download, and max upload values. Click “Share” and select the bottom right URL to copy and paste here below.
Below is an example of download Megabits per second (Mbps):
Evaluate the definite integral of this function over the interval [0,1].
Interpret your result from #4 above. Make sure to include your unit label measurements.
Because of the repetitive nature of peak shapes for your speeds, let’s assume that s(t) continues to increase past one second. After how many seconds would it take my computer at a speed of s(t) to download 5 Megabits?