1. Write a Java program which reads a text file called mydata.txt containing the following numbers: 34 56 76 98 12 33 58 42 98 93 and computes the minimum, maximum sum and average of the numbers and puts the output in a file called myresults.txt. 2. Write a Java Program that prints out Division by Zero and Array Out of Bounds Exceptions when a User attempts to find all integers from 1 to 200 whose last digit is 7, but which are not divisible by 3. 3. Implement the following a Customer Address Book using the Array List data structure. The Customer Address Book should do the following: Add Name, Address and Phone Number to Customer Address Book, Edit Name and Phone Number, Delete an Entry, Display all Names and Phone numbers in the Address Book. 4. Write a Java Program which prints out all solutions of the 8-Queen Problem, but modify the program to display only those solutions which are not on the 3th row or 7th column of the 8×8 matrix. 5. Write a Java Program which implements a Stack of Integers. An Integer should only be pushed into the stack if it is odd or contains the number 3. Now pop all integers that contain 5 or 9. Do this for the first 100 numbers. Print out the numbers remaining in the stack after the Pop operation