Library Project
You are hired to write software for a library. They don’t specifically know what they need but they know they want their library to function as any other library. This means that the software must be able to have behavior such as:
Allow new users to register as library customers
Allow users to log on and check out books
Notify users if they have any books checked out, and if so, which ones
Not check out books that are already checked out
Only allow books to be checked out for x number of weeks
Accumulate late fees if books are held past the due date
This assignment requires you to complete the list of requirements started above, then write the program according to your requirements. This project is fairly open ended, so you are allowed to be creative. I suggest you start with a small set of requirements, write your program to the point where it works well, then add behavior as time allows.
You can use linked lists if you like, or arrays, or ? You are also allowed to work with one other person in this class if you choose to. It is completely up to you. In the ground based class I make partnering a requirement, but for online classes this can be difficult.
Just submit your source files, as usual. You don’t need to submit your requirements list. Your program must be easy to figure out how to use since there will not be an instruction document. If I can’t figure out how to use it, then I can’t test it and give you credit.