A: Federalism and Regulations B: Protected Speech

A: Federalism and Regulations
What do you think would happen to state employment if the federal government decided that, rather than passing laws and making states carry them out, it would simply give the states responsibility for a major social program such as welfare? Provide at least two (2) examples of what might happen in this situation.
In a situation like this, why might state employment levels go up, even when federal activity might be going down? Provide at least one (1) reason with support.
Do federal grants represent an appropriate percentage of the total federal budget and gross domestic product (GDP)? Explain, providing at least one (1) supporting fact.
Part B: Protected Speech
Describe two (2) circumstances under which speech might legitimately be suppressed. Provide one (1) original example for each circumstance.
Do some types of speech deserve more constitutional protection than others? If so, describe one (1) type that deserves the most protection and one (1) type that deserves the least.
Describe two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of a free, uncensored flow of information and images.