A+ Papers

1. Based on article “The Institutional Origins of the Industrial Revolution by Joel Mokyr.” Appraise the content of the article and analyze the factors that took place in during the 18th century and 19th century Great Britain. Which factors do you thinks

were the main drivers of the Industrial Revolution? 2. Construct a comparison of the factors of the innovation system between South Korea and Malaysia and formulate measures which could be implemented by the Malaysian government to catch up with South Korea

in term of technology learning. 3. Appraise the challenges of managing innovation process in a fast changing industry, namely the digital and the smart phone industry, by focusing on the corporate failures of Nokia, Kodak and Blackberry. Based on the challenges

of managing an innovation process, construct an innovation strategy for Kodak, which still struggling to compete in the digital world. Please note that Kodak stills owns a vast number of patents which relate to photography and related technologies