Identify which of the three main categories of leadership approaches

Q Leadership Book Report:  In Week 3 you selected from a list of books on leadership models the book that you felt resonated most closely with your own values and personal style. This week you will submit your report on this book.
After reading this book, evaluate it in a 2-page paper that addresses the following:
•Summarize the key points of the book.
•Identify which of the three main categories of leadership approaches (e.g., leaders, followers, situation) does this perspective fall into, and explain why you think so.
•What are the ideas and guidelines in this book that you see as strengths? What do you disagree with?
•How does this book resonate with or reflect your own vision of leadership?
•Identify and describe principles in this book that help a leader motivate others to participate in collaborative problem-solving.
This Application Assignment should be 2 pages long and is due by Day 7 of this week.
Identify the book you have chosen and why you chose it.
In what ways do the author’s theories or approaches seem to resonate with your perspective of leadership?
Select one of the public health leaders mentioned in this week’s video program or readings, and identify a leadership style that you think describes him or her, explaining why you think so. (This need not be the same leadership style as in the book you have selected.)
In what ways would this individual’s leadership style be effective or ineffective in public health? Provide support for your views.
What criteria would you use to assess the effectiveness of that style in that situation? Describe the criteria.