Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development
Use the attached JUnit test (CounterTest) to simulate a Test Driven Development environment. 
Place the test class into a project, and write a class so that the test compiles. 
Run the test, and modify your class until it passes the first test. 
Uncomment the next test, and modify your class until it passes that test.
Repeat this process until your class support all of the tests in the test class.
Second Part
Filtering Data JUnit Tests
MeasurableSet JUnit Tests

Write JUnit test methods for the starter code given in the Filtering Data exercise of the Abstract Classes and Interfaces lesson.  (Use the class I provided as starter code.) (Measurable, FilteredData)  Identify, list with a brief description, and write test cases for several equivalence categories.  For example, one category is a data set having no elements added to it.  Be sure to test all important methods.