A+ Work

As a database expert, you were approached by a nonprofit organization to convert their data into a digital format. Currently all what they have are the paper forms shown below. The nonprofit organization collects money from donors either directly or through events. The collected money will be used to sponsor projects to help families in need. In the first project assignment (first phase) you will use the paper forms to identify the entities, their attributes, functional dependencies, and candidate keys. There will be NO coding, and you will NOT using Access for this assignment.
Use the forms to:
Identify the four entities the organization needs to track.

List the different attributes for each entity

Identify and document the functional dependences for all four entities (for example: EvenID (can determine) è(event description, …….)

Identify the Determinant for each entity, which can be used as Primary key. Some entities might not have a unique determinant, in this case create the proper surrogate key that can determine other attributes in an entity.