Evaluate standard video streaming techniques and their application to a business’ teleconferencing ability

Explain video and audio compression and their significance to overall multimedia performance.
  Evaluate standard video streaming techniques and their application to a business’ teleconferencing ability.
  Recommend a comprehensive internet telephony solution.
  Plan and describe methods to transmit multimedia data including compression techniques and
streaming protocols.
  Assess LAN multimedia protocols and examine their significance in business environments.
Course Outcome:
IT530-4: Explore management aspects of protocols and topologies.
Assignment Instructions:
1.  In recent years, SIP (session initiation protocol) enabled telephony networks have introduced a number of radical innovations in that way that people use telephony in general, including allowing people to take business-related calls seamlessly, even when they are not physically “at the office”. Research the elements that comprise SIP. In what ways does SIP differ from PBX or VoIP? Put yourself into the position of a system administrator considering updating your business’s telephony system. What elements of the technology would you compare or assign the greatest value? Would you even consider using a SIP or VoIP telephony solution? Why or why not? If you have “real world” experience with SIP and/or VoIP, please include a brief overview of that experience. If you do not have personal experience of the technology, include an overview of a case study of SIP or VoIP.
2.  Based on your research, write an 6–8 page paper that researches the concept of internet telephony, as well as providing an analysis and comparison of several telephony technologies currently available.
Preparing your Assignment
The written essay/paragraph formatted paper should be 6–8 pages long NOT including cover page and references. As you research internet telephony, ALL of the pages must have citations and references. No more than one direct quotation (of 40 words or more) is allowed per page and bullet lists without substantial narrative included are strongly discouraged. There should be no spelling or grammar errors. All written assignments should be in APA format. APA formatted in-text citations and references are required for all sources, and all figures and tables must be captioned in APA format.