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Q1. ______ cable is used in modern computer and telephone networks.   a. Coaxial   b. Twisted Pair   c. Braided   d. Insulated

Q2. Telecommunications is communications over a:   a. Distance   b. Phone Line   c. Fiber Optic Cable

Q3. Only a third of all Americans have broadband service at home. Among telecommuters, the proportion is 87 percent.   a. true   b. false

Q4. If telecommuters need data from the office, they can connect to their office intranet using ____ and retrieve the required information.   a. IRC software   b. Usenet software   c. NNTP software   d. VPN software

Q5. Bluetooth is considered a small area network technology, because it typically supports a network used by a small group of people.   a. true   b. false

Q6. It is likely that many rural areas will be offered BPL in the near future.   a. true   b. false

Q7. Bluetooth is considered a personal area network technology, because it typically supports a network used by only one person.   a. true   b. false

Q8. ____ ensures that the packets arrive accurately and in the proper order, while IP ensures delivery of packets from node to node in the most efficient manner.   a. 802.15 Bluetooth   b. CDMA   c. CSMA/CD   d. TCP

Q9. ____ can be conducted free of charge by using the service of a company such as Skype.   a. Dial-up communication   b. modem-to-modem calls   c. PC-to-PC calls   d. VPN communication

Q10. Upon building the data warehouse, the builders ____ the data for users, so the users know what they can find and analyze in the data warehouse.   a. Document   b. Restore   c. Archive   d. Create

Q11. Usually, the same software that is used to construct and populate the database, that is, the DBMS, is also used to present ____.   a. choices   b. entities   c. options   d. queries

Q12. Many business databases consist of multiple tables with ____ among them.   a. Relationships   b. Arrows   c. Objects   d. Constraints

Q13. It is a good practice to create ____ periodically, so that decision makers have a clear picture of what data is available for reports   a. data diagrams   b. data models   c. object models   d. object charts

Q14. To use an online database, a(n) ____ must be designed to work with the Web.   a. interface   b. menu   c. option   d. table

Q15. In the ____ phase, the builders compare the data in the data warehouses with the original data to ascertain completeness.   a. extraction   b. injection   c. loading   d. transformation

Q16. The inclusion of foreign keys might cause considerable data redundancy. This complexity has not diminished the popularity of relational databases, however.   a. true   b. false

Q17. Letting shoppers and readers select the type of ____ content they want is welcome, but sites should respect privacy by letting customers opt in rather than opt out.   a. e-mail   b. banner   c. page   d. Web

Q18. Users should suspect every email message that asks you to update your personal information online.   a. true   b. false

Q19. Business on the Web has changed very little from its initial modality.   a. true   b. false

Q20. Choices you make when selecting menu items, clicking buttons, and moving from one page to another are recorded. Such activities are often called cookie investigation.   a. true   b. false

Q21. In addition to impressions, rating companies measure other metrics. One is ____.   a. relative visitor pages   b. relative visitors per day   c. unique visitor clients   d. unique visitors per month

Q22. Except when it comes from a well-known company, users should suspect any email message that asks them to enter personal information online.   a. true   b. false

Q23. Companies discourage their suppliers from joining their extranets.   a. true   b. false

Q24. The lines between commerce and e-commerce are still very well demarcated.   a. true   b. false

Q25. Multinational corporations might have unified ____ throughout their organizations, but they still have to abide by the laws of the countries in which each unit operates.   a. campaigns   b. manuals   c. policies   d. salaries

Q26. Americans use their credit cards in online transactions at the same frequency as users in other countries, such as the French or Japanese.   a. true   b. false

Q27. International ISs, especially those using the Web, often incorporate graphics to convey technical or business information, and those applications, as well as interactive software, require increasingly fast (____) communication lines.   a. broadband   b. digital   c. infrared   d. short wave

Q28. The Web offers opportunities not only to increase revenue but also to save on costs.   a. true   b. false

Q29. Decisions become easier when more than one alternative seems reasonable and when the number of alternatives is great.   a. true   b. false

Q30. In architecture, a tabletop representation of a building or a city block is a ____ of the full-sized structure.   a. card   b. data sheet   c. model   d. synopsis

Q31. Managers either use universal models, such as certain ____ models, or design their own models to analyze data.   a. Statistical   b. Organizational   c. Occupational   d. Referential

Q32. Many DSSs are now closely intertwined with other organizational systems, including data warehouses, data marts, and ERP systems, from which they draw relevant data.   a. true   b. false

Q33. A(n) ____ can help delivery managers looking for the shortest distance a truck can travel to deliver ordered goods at the lowest cost.   a. accounting system   b. CRM system   c. inventory control system   d. GIS

Q34. ____ are used to predict output on the basis of different input or different conditions or to estimate what combination of conditions and input might lead to a desired output.   a. Cards   b. Forecasts   c. Models   d. Plans

Q35. OLAP applications are typically slower but more sophisticated than data-mining tools.   a. true   b. false

Q36. The knowledge that is maintained in information systems is typically of the type that is accumulated through experience.   a. true   b. false

Q37. Despite an increasing number of transactions executed through the Web, managers cannot easily use data that are already in electronic form to analyze and strategize.   a. true   b. false

Q38. Knowing how to use BI tools will help you to independently produce highly useful information from ____ and other large data sources.   a. hard drives   b. data warehouses   c. non-relational databases   d. warehouses

Q39. Knowledge management is the combination of activities involved in gathering, organizing, sharing, analyzing, and disseminating knowledge to improve an organization’s performance.   a. true   b. false

Q40. Managers in some companies now track information about their products from the purchasing of raw materials to the receipt of payment not only for operations but so they can learn more about their clients and their own business.   a. true   b. false