A+ Paper


Your essay must focus on your personal definition of family and proving what the significance or effect of your definition is.

More specifically, you have two major goals for this essay

First, you must establish your own definition of the word “family” by comparing and contrasting your definition to the word’s etymology, modern definitions for this word, or other definitions (religious, cultural, etc.).

Second, once you establish what your definition of “family” is and show how it borrows or differs from other existing definitions (and why), then you must explain why your definition is significant and/or how your definition impacts society.

To help start your paper, you must have an introduction that leads into your topic. Your introduction MUST end with your clear thesis statement that

1) names the definition sources to which you will compare your own definition;

2) clearly states your definition

3) indicates the social impact or importance of your definition.

After your thesis statement you should begin by having several paragraphs that each compare your own definition to another definition (one per paragraph), explaining what parts of that definition you kept or discarded and WHY.

Then, after you have compared / contrasted all definitions you will use to your own definition, include one or more paragraphs that discuss the societal significance / impact of your definition.

All works cited/citations must be in MLA format.

Be sure there are inline citations where necessary.

Write a 1,500–1,700 word extended definition essay

Purpose: To make a point about how the meaning of the word has evolved to follow historical, social, and cultural changes over time.

Methods: To use at least three secondary sources to support your extended definition of the term you choose, including 1. An etymological dictionary 2. A standard or traditional dictionary