Please include a copy of your references


Please include a copy of your references.

The PowerPoint must include the following:

History Background of the medication SINEQUAN (generic) DOXEPIN = introduce the medication and give a brief historical perspective.

Mechanism of action = also sometimes referred to as Psycho pharmacol dynamics or Mode of Action in the literature.

Discuss the pharmacodynamics of SINEQUAN (generic) DOXEPIN.

Include any specific impact of SINEQUAN (generic) DOXEPIN at both the Cellular and the Systemic Levels of the CNS

Psychophamacokinetics = Discuss the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of the SINEQUAN (generic) DOXEPIN

Include specific events such as

Blood brain barrier, placental barrier, and physiological and psychological reactions and side effects.

Pharmacotherapy = Indicate and Contraindications for this drug

Discuss why and for whom this drug is prescribe

Include relevant psychopathology and psychodiagnosics.

Other forms of therapy = Provide a list of complementary therapies and alternatives to the thisdrug.

Everything from biofeedback to re birthing to chewing gum will be accepted = Please make sure to have a resource to support your claim.