The Quasar Corporation sent their quality control




The Quasar Corporation sent their quality control employees to a total quality management seminar, and the trainees said the training experience was enjoyable and that they’ll be able to apply the skills they learned directly to

their jobs. This is an example of

A. reaction outcomes.

B. learning outcomes.

C. behavior outcomes.

D. organizational results.

2. George is a trainer who is dealing with a difficult trainee. He talks to the trainee during the break and thanks her for her input. George also tells the trainee that her participation in the discussions is important, but she needs to

give the other participants a chance to engage in the discussions as well. What type of trainee is George dealing with?

A. Quiet trainee

B. Talkative trainee

C. Angry trainee

D. The comedian

3. Jerri has 10 employees, and she must decide which 3 will attend the annual sales seminar. Which of the following decision roles of a manager is Susan using?

A. Entrepreneur

B. Disturbance handler

C. Resource allocator

D. Negotiator

4. Jeremy wasn’t interested at all in reading and analyzing the process data collected through the training evaluation. Jeremy is most likely

A. a trainee.

B. the training manager.

C. a training professional in a different organization.

D. the trainer.

5. Ben is a trainer for the Barrow Company. Today he’s starting a new-hire orientation that will last a week. He wants to start off the program with an exercise to put the trainees at ease and help them to learn each other’s names.

Which would be the most effective training tool?

A. A consultant or seminar

B. An on-the-job trainer

C. An icebreaker

D. A pilot program

6. Ronald just took an assessment that tested his knowledge of safety procedures and his ability to read and understand safety regulations. This assessment tested his _______ knowledge.

A. strategic

B. procedural

C. declarative

D. compilation

7. Carol is a sales manager who sets very high sales goals for her employees. She expects them to perform at a high enough level to meet those goals. What style of management does Carol exhibit?

A. Participative style

B. Supportive style

C. Directive style

D. Achievement style

8. Which of the following examples illustrates hostile-environment sexual


A. A male supervisor who works in a prominently female industry

B. An employee who posts lewd posters and jokes on her office door

C. An employee who continually calls her supervisor at home to discuss work related issues

D. A supervisor who demands sexual favors from an employee in return for giving that employee a promotion

9. Through training evaluation it was determined that a training course wasn’t effective because none of the trainees applied the skills they were taught to their jobs. This is an example of _______ data.

A. process

B. outcome

C. job behavior

D. cost/benefit

10. Determine the dollar value of improved performance given the following information:

The total cost of training is $25,000. There were 10 people trained. The benefit of the training will last for two years.

The difference in performance between the trained parties and the untrained parties is .2. The dollar value of the untrained group’s performance is $17,000.

A. $30,000

B. $33,000

C. $40,000

D. $43,000

11. Wilma is a manager who always allows her employees to determine how their work should be accomplished. She has excellent interpersonal skills and enjoys watching her employees find their own solutions to problems. What style of management does Wilma exhibit?

A. Participative style

B. Supportive style

C. Directive style

D. Achievement style

12. Georgia is a manager who is going through training to develop his conceptual skills. One of the tools the training facilitator used with Georgia is known as action learning. What form of training is this?

A. Management/business games

B. On-the-job training

C. Decision making

D. Managerial roles

13. Doreen’s greatest strength as a manager is her ability to program a spreadsheet to develop annual budgets. Doreen’s strength illustrates her

A. conceptual knowledge and skills.

B. technical knowledge and skills.

C. interpersonal knowledge and skills.

D. personal traits.

14. Which of the following is an example of a manager who has a high nAut?

A. A manager who insists on working on projects independently of other managers

B. A manager who always asks for performance feedback from his or her employees

C. A manager who works hard because he or she eventually wants to be president of his or her company

D. A manager who lets his or her employees take advantage of his or her good nature and becomes very unproductive

Seymour is a facilitator who is meeting with a group that just finished

solving a large problem plaguing Remco Incorporated for years. Although this

group solved a problem, their real purpose was to learn how to effectively work

as a team. This is an example of

A. coaching.

B. mentoring.

C. executive development programs.

D. action learning.

16. Twelve years ago, Leah was hired by Zeke to be his assistant. Over the next twelve years, Leah attended college and graduate school and is now an executive for a multinational corporation. Throughout those twelve years, Zeke taught Leah everything he knew about running a business and still helps her with problems today. This is an example of

A. coaching.

B. mentoring.

C. executive development programs.

D. action learning.

17. Which of the following types of training deals with a legal issue in the workplace?

A. Orientation training

B. Executive development

C. Sexual harassment training

D. Team training

18. Which of the following is an example of a cost-effectiveness evaluation?

A. Comparing the cost of the training to the increase in employee morale

B. Comparing the cost of the training to the increase in knowledge of the organizational mission

C. Comparing the cost of the training to the cost savings to the number of manufacturing defects that have been reduced

D. Comparing the cost of the training to the change in employee attitudes

19. Lauren is the operations manager for the Kisinski Corporation. In addition to Lauren’s normal job training, she’s also being trained for her supervisor’s position because upper management wants to promote her supervisor to the vice president level. This type of training is an example of

A. job rotation.

B. special job assignments.

C. team building.

D. succession planning.

20. Which of the following is a true statement about a dry run?

A. Trainees are the only people who attend.

B. It’s not designed to actually train people.

C. People who are involved with the training design shouldn’t attend.

D. It represents the final training product