ACC 226 Managerial Accounting


To access Krispy Kreme’s Management Discussion and Analysis for the year ending February 3, 2002:
o Go to
o In the menu on the left, place your mouse over the Krispy Kreme hyperlink.
o Click on Investor Relations on the menu that pops up.
o Click on SEC Filings from the selections on the bar in the middle of the page.
o Under the Quick Links heading, click on the link for 10-K.
o Open the 10-K report filed 05/07/02. Open the Microsoft® Word or .pdf version.
· In the Table of Contents of the Microsoft® Word version, click on EX-13 (Annual Report to Security Holders).
· In the Table of Contents of the .pdf version, click on EX-13 (Annual Report to
Security Holders).
o In either version, scroll down to the section titled Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations.
· Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper on the general financial health of Krispy Kreme based on the analyses conducted throughout this course. Be sure your paper covers the following points:
o Discuss the importance of each of the five analyses you covered throughout the course: depreciation analysis, company stock analysis, cash flow statement analysis, income statement trend analysis, and management analysis. In each case, explain what the information conveys to management. Talk about how you used each of these tools as you analyzed Krispy Kreme’s financial statements. What do they reveal about the financial health of the company?
ACC 226 Managerial Accounting
o Discuss any significant changes observed in the results of your year to year financial analyses. What are some possible causes for those changes? What are the financial implications of these changes for the company?
o Answer questions 1 and 2 of BTN 18-1 as part of your final paper. You may want to use the section on Management Analysis in Appendix B for your notes.
· Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
· Post as an attachment.