Ans Doc 117


Go to
2. At the top of the page, you will find a white box next to the phrase “Get Quote” (in yellow).
3. In the box type “BA” for Boeing Company, click “Get Quote”.
4. On your left you will see a light blue bar, scroll down and click on “Income Statement”.
5. You will see the income statement for Boeing for the last three years.

150 words each
a.  using this information, provide one calculation for a vertical or horizontal analysis of Boeing and explain its significance. For example, you may indicate that Research and Development (R&D) would be 0.06 or 6% in the vertical analysis for 2011.
b. Make a brief statement on how you can use vertical or horizontal analysis for financial decision making within the organization.

Question 2
Provide the advantages and disadvantages of the four different forms of business organization, which include the following:
o Sole proprietorship o Partnership
o C corporation
o S corporation
•The different types of financial statements associated with each form of business organization
•The following consequences associated with each form of business organization:
o Tax implications
o Legal implications
o Accounting implications, such as SOX and FASB
•An explanation of the unique product or service your small business provides
•Your choice of business organization form for your new business
•Your rationale for choosing this form of business organization