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Plant life that is severed from the land is considered ________.
What is a gift inter vicos?
________ is a form of co-ownership of real property that can be used only by married couples.
Tangible property such as automobiles, furniture, and equipment, and intangible property such as securities, patents, and copyrights are collectively referred to as ________.
Which of the following is true of subsurface rights in real property?
Which of the following provisions protects the interest of a joint tenancy upon the death of a joint tenant?
Which of the following is true of a gift causa mortis?
The rights to the earth located beneath the surface of the land are defined as ________.
A gift that is made in contemplation of death is known as a(n) ________.
________ is a method of acquiring ownership, when a manufacturer purchases raw materials and then manufactures a finished good.
Carmen, Westbrook, and Ashton are concurrent owners of a large commercial building. Ashton executes a will that leaves all his property to his son in the event of his death. But after Ashton passes away, his ownership interest in the building was acquired by the two remaining tenants of the building. Which of the following kinds of concurrent ownership would allow such a passage of title?
The voluntary transfer of title to property without payment of consideration by the donee is known as a(n) ________.
________ represent rights that cannot be reduced to physical form, such as stock certificates, certificates of deposit, bonds, and copyrights.
________ occurs if two or more persons commingle fungible goods.
What does the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act establish?
The legal rights that the owner has to possess, use, and enjoy the property are known as
Which of the following forms of co-ownership of real property applies only to married couples?
________ are an example of real property.
Shelton Engines Inc. has built a new model of engines that can withstand more heat than the competing engines in its class. Lokin Inc., a sports car manufacturer, ________ the equipment from Shelton Engines Inc. for $1,000,000. Shelton Engines Inc. transfers title to the engine to Lokin Inc. Lokin Inc. is now the owner of the equipment.