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Two true breed parents, Dominant blue and the other is recessive brown, find:

a) P1 and the gametes
b) the F1-generation with the genotype and phenotypes
c) P2 generations and F2 phenotype and genotype ratio
d) Find the gametes
e) Make sure to Construct the Punt box and find F2 generation phenotype and genotype ratios.

You have two true breed parents one is Green Tall, the other white dwarf, if you cross them together, using the Fork Method (show work) find:

P1and the gametes
P2 and F2-generation, phenotype and genotype
Make sure to construct the Punt box, and give the phenotype ratios
Question #3

Consider three independently assorting gene pairs Aa, Bb, Cc. what is the probability (give a fraction) of obtaining each of the following genotypes from parents that are having the following genotypes AaBbCC and AaBBCc ?

Question #4. A. You have a mother that is hetrozygoutA blood type and father that is homozygout B, what are the blood type chances of the kids. show table.

B. have a baby with blood type A hetrozygout and his mother is blood type AB what could be his father blood type and what can not be his father blood type.