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What is a piece of evidence used to determine the composition of the core?
A) Drilling samples
B) Volcanic rocks
C) S-wave shadow zone
D) Density
Identify which of the following statements about the Earth’s crust are true.
A. true
B. false
The crust is composed of iron and nickel
There are two different types of crust
The crust is solid
The ocean crust is composed of basalt
Which of the following are the major layers of the Earth’s interior
A) Crust, Asthenosphere, and Lithosphere
B) Oceanic crust and continental crust
C) S-waves, P-waves, and R-waves
D) Crust, Mantle, and Core
Continental crust is composed mainly of:
A) shale and limestone
B) iron and nickel
C) basalt
D) granite
Which of the following is true about the Earth’s mantle?
A) The mantle is composed of a rock called peridotite
B) The mantle is solid throughout
C) The mantle is only composed of one layer
D) The mantle is composed of iron and nickel
What is the phase or state of matter of the outer core?
A) Gas
B) Liquid
C) Magma
D) Solid
Average oceanic crust is ________ kilometers thick whereas average continental crust is ________ kilometers thick.
A) 20 to 40, 5 to 10
B) 200 to 400, 50 to 100
C) 4 to 7, 20 to 40
D) 50 to 100, 200 to 400
No S waves pass through the center of the Earth because:
A) S waves travel only through liquids
B) the outer core is liquid
C) the asthenosphere is liquid
D) S waves refract at the mantle-core boundary
Match the parts of the Earth’s interior with the correct description.
A. Oceanic crust
B. Lower mantle
C. Outer core
D. Lithosphere
Solid, rigid porion of the mantle and crust
Densly packed peridotite, not fully solid and not liquid
Composed of basalt