Ans Doc255Y


1) A price-bidding decision for a one-time-only special order includes an analysis of all: 1) _______
A) manufacturing costs
B) cost drivers related to the product
C) direct and indirect variable costs of each function in the value chain
D) fixed manufacturing costs
2) Target pricing: 2) _______
A) is used for short-term pricing decisions
B) is one form of cost-based pricing
C) estimates are based on customers’ perceived value of the product
D) relevant costs are all variable costs
3) Successful reengineering involves: 3) _______
A) cutting across functional lines to focus on the entire business process
B) redefining the roles and responsibilities of employees
C) using information technology
D) All of these answers are correct.
4) All of the following relate to the balanced scorecard’s learning and growth perspective EXCEPT: 4) _______
A) How do we achieve greater employee satisfaction?
B) What new products do we create?
C) How do we provide information systems with updated technology?
D) How will we motivate and empower our employees?