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Question 1
The essay type most frequently called for in college, business, and daily life is:
A. persuasive.
B. cause and effect.
C. classification.
D. comparison or contrast.
Question 2
An introduction in an essay has two functions: the thesis statement, and:
A. it has to interest the reader enough that he or she will want to continue reading the paper.
B. it states the main idea of the essay.
C. it introduces the essay with a statement beginning, “This paper is about.”
D. it informs the reader about what will follow in the rest of the essay.
Question 3
The __________ signals the end of the essay and leaves the reader with a final thought.
A. thesis statement
B. body
C. topic sentence
D. conclusion
Question 4
If you are writing just one paragraph, chances are that you will NOT need to include:
A. a topic sentence.
B. the body.
C. a title.
D. a second sentence.
Question 5
Which one of the following statements is FALSE about the title of a paper or essay?
A. Do NOT put quotation marks around the title of your own paper.
B. Do NOT underline the title of your own paper.
C. The title is part of the first paragraph.
D. Do NOT italicize the title of your own paper.
Question 6
All of the following are always capitalized EXCEPT:
A. names.
B. religions.
C. holidays.
D. short prepositions in a title.
Question 7
__________ capitalize the first and last words of a title.
A. Always
B. Never
C. Sometimes
D. Depending on the words,
Question 8
All of the following statements are true about direct quotations EXCEPT:
A. the direct quotation is preceded by a comma or a colon.
B. the first letter of the direct quotation is capitalized.
C. periods always go inside the quotation marks.
D. periods always go outside the quotation marks.
Question 9
Question marks and exclamation points go inside the quotation marks:
A. if they are not part of the direct words of the speaker.
B. if they are part of the direct words of the speaker.
C. always.
D. only in Great Britain.
Question 10
Use a __________ to separate the chapter and verse in a reference to the Bible or to separate the hour and minute.
A. semicolon
B. period
C. comma
D. colon
Question 11
The colon, parentheses, and the dash should be used:
A. frequently.
B. sparingly.
C. as much as possible.
D. all the time.
Question 12
To enclose a phrase or word that is not essential to the meaning of the sentence, use:
A. quotation marks.
B. dashes.
C. parentheses.
D. periods.
Question 13
One of the basic ways to achieve sentence variety is to use:
A. lots of dashes.
B. commas after every noun.
C. semicolons after every fourth word.
D. both long and short sentences.
Question 14
The most commonly used sentence is the __________ sentence, which is a statement.
A. declarative
B. inquisitive
C. question
D. exclamation
Question 15
A question that the writer does not really expect the reader to answer is called a/an __________ question.
A. declarative
B. command
C. rhetorical
D. exclamation
Question 16
__________ sentences are commands.
A. Exclamation
B. Imperative
C. Positive
D. Adverb
Question 17
In the sentence, “Suddenly, the contents of the beaker began to foam,” the sentence starts with a/an:
A. subject.
B. verb.
C. adjective.
D. adverb.
Question 18
Under, above, from, over, and with are common:
A. verbs.
B. prepositions.
C. subjects.
D. adjectives.
Question 19
A sentence with a/an __________ predicate contains more than one verb.
A. double
B. compound
C. twin
D. extra
Question 20
A __________ clause begins with who, which, or that and describes a noun or pronoun; an example is in the sentence, “Jack, who makes wire frames, just got a job.”
A. cousin
B. situational
C. relative
D. conjunctivitis

The cost of capital is a single rate that reflects the average return paid to investors who provide the firm’s capital. (Points : 5)
Although the NPV method is technically superior, the IRR method is used more frequently. (Points : 5)
Which of the following is not a cash flow consideration in evaluating capital budgeting projects? (Points : 5)
incremental accounting profit (net income)
Because depreciation is a non-cash expense item, it is not necessary to consider depreciation in estimating cash flows for a new capital project. (Points : 5)
The incremental cash flow principle claims that sunk costs must be taken into account in the firm’s decision whether to accept or reject a project. (Points : 5)
The terms “acquisition” and “takeover” are often used to refer to a merger because the stock of the firm that goes out of existence is usually acquired by the continuing firm. (Points : 5)
A consolidation occurs when all of the combining legal entities dissolve, and a new entity with a new name is formed to continue into the future. (Points : 5)
The category of business combination where the firms have a supplier-customer relationship is known as a (Points : 5)
vertical merger.
Which of the following statements is true with regard to the effectiveness of tactics?
All tactics are equally effective with regard to upward influence.
The combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two hard tactics.
Individuals from collectivist cultures are typically more likely to use soft tactics that reflect personal power.
Soft tactics are less effective than hard tactics when used individually
Kay purchases a $100, 30-year annuity. Kam purchases a $100 perpetuity. In both cases, payments begin in one year, and the appropriate interest rate is 10%. What is the present value of Kam’s payments that will occur from year 31 onwards?
A) $57.31
B) $58.11
C) $81.21
D) More than $100
Which one of the following will decrease the risk of a portfolio that consists of stocks, Canadian Treasury bills, and gold?
A) Decreasing the number of securities in the portfolio
B) Selling stocks and replacing them with Canadian Treasury bills
C) Selling a .90 beta stock and buying a 1.1 beta stock
D) Selling the gold and buying more diversified stocks
E) Selling the large-company stocks and buying small-company stocks
What is the expected return on asset A if it has a beta of 0.3, the expected market return is 14%, and the risk-free rate is 5%?
A) 6.0%
B) 9.2%
C) 7.2%
D) 7.7%
E) 4.5%
Andrew bought an 8.5% annual coupon bond at par. One year later, he sold the bond at a quoted price of 98. During the year, market interest rates rose and inflation was 3%. What real rate of return did Andrew earn on this investment?
A) 3.40%
B) 3.50%
C) 6.40%
D) 6.50%
E) 6.70%
Okie, Inc. has some 8% preferred stock (stated value $100) outstanding. How much are you willing to pay for one share of Okie preferred stock if you require a 7% rate of return?
A) $87.50
B) $98.11
C) $114.29
D) $123.87
E) $125.14
Muon purchased 1,000 shares of Quark stock this morning at a price of $45.67 a share. The stock paid a dividend last year of $1.80 per share. Muon’s required rate of return is 13% on this type of investment. What is the capital gains yield on Quark stock?
A) 7.41%
B) 8.72%
C) 9.06%
D) 13.85%
E) 16.94%
Question 1
A __________ is an e-mail address that uniquely identifies your Windows Live account.
A. Windows Live Code
B. Windows Live ID
C. Windows Live Name
D. Windows Live address
Question 2
Windows Live __________ provides web-based email.
A. Hotmail
B. Gmail
C. Webmail
D. Livemail
Question 3
What are the two parts of an e-mail message included in the e-mail?
A. Header and body
B. Top and bottom
C. Address and message
D. Title and content
Question 4
A contact list includes all of the following about individuals with whom you communicate EXCEPT:
A. names.
B. e-mail addresses.
C. photos.
D. contact information.
Question 5
A(n) __________ is software that installs and sets up programs to run on your computer.
A. Initiator
B. Installer
C. Downloader
D. Applicator
Question 6
Windows Live Messenger is an example of an instant messaging:
A. controller.
B. handler.
C. program.
D. operator.
Question 7
__________ is an online channel where two or more people communicate in real time using text messages.
Question 8
Once a Messenger invitation has been accepted by a partner, that partner’s status will change to:
A. Ready.
B. Connected.
C. Online.
D. Available.
Question 9
A(n) __________ is a symbol that conveys emotion in a text message.
A. email icon
B. emoticon
C. image
D. emblem
Question 10
In addition to chat, Windows Live Messenger can be used to do all of the following EXCEPT:
A. share photos.
B. send files.
C. make phone calls using audio.
D. send e-mails.
Question 11
After a friend accepts a file sent using Windows Live Messenger, the partner’s conversation window displays a(n) __________ that can open the file.
A. Open button
B. icon
C. link
D. checkbox
Question 12
When you send an e-mail, you can add __________, which are separate files that are sent with e-mail messages.
A. attachments
B. add-ons
C. addendums
D. supplements
Question 13
Windows Live mail can be used to organize your __________ list, which is an organized collection of names, e-mail addresses, and contact information of individuals with whom you communicate.
A. control
B. contact
C. master
D. address
Question 14
Common photo file formats include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. .bmp.
B. .ico.
C. .rtf.
D. .wdp.
Question 15
The __________ file extension is a graphic file format used on high-quality images typically used by scanners and the printing industry.
A. .jpeg
B. .tif
C. .wdp
D. .bmp
Question 16
Photo Gallery has __________ detection, which is a feature that recognizes faces.
A. face
B. photo
C. individual
D. person
Question 17
The __________ Panel is used to uninstall a program.
A. Navigation
B. Control
C. Programs
D. Settings
Question 18
Windows Live Mail can synchronize all of the following EXCEPT your:
A. inbox.
B. contacts.
C. calendar.
D. e-mail attachments.
Question 19
Which of the following statements is NOT true when a file is shared through Windows Live Messenger?
A. The friend can accept the file.
B. The friend can mark the file as junk.
C. The friend can decline the file.
D. The friend can save the file.
Question 20
The Windows Live __________ Gallery is an application used to organize, retouch, and share photos and videos.
A. Photo
B. Image
C. Graphic
D. Picture
Question 1
__________ is a word processor that is included in Windows 7 that is used to create basic documents.
A. WordPad
B. WordPerfect
C. LetterWriter
D. WordPro
Question 2
__________ is a text editor that comes with Windows 7 that is used on documents that contain only unformatted text.
A. Word
B. Notepad
C. WordPerfect
D. WordPad
Question 3
A storage area where the operating system can save files to be opened later is called a(n):
A. icon.
B. thumbnail.
C. taskbar.
D. drive.
Question 4
The visual experience you see when using Windows 7 is called:
A. Vista.
B. Aero.
C. Live Preview.
D. Print Preview.
Question 5
Your logon consists of your __________ and your password.
A. thumbnail
B. desktop
C. user name
D. computer ID
Question 6
The contents of folders and files on your drives and networks are displayed in a:
A. dialog box.
B. toolbar.
C. folder window.
D. menu.
Question 7
A blinking vertical line that indicates where text or a graphic will be inserted into a document is called a(n):
B. insertion point.
C. icon.
D. snip.
Question 8
The __________ feature shows the result of applying some changes such as font size without the user having to actually make the changes.
A. AeroPeek
B. Live Preview
C. Aero Flip 3D
D. Print Preview
Question 9
A __________ provides buttons or icons that give you access to commonly used commands.
A. taskbar
B. menu
C. dialog box
D. toolbar
Question 10
__________ displays all your windows in a stack. You can flip through the stack to find the window you need.
A. Aero Flip 3D
B. Show desktop
C. Live Preview
D. AeroPeek
Question 11
The __________ library is a commonly used location to save your files when working on your computer.
A. computer
B. file
C. documents
D. index
Question 12
When you drag a file from one drive to another, you __________ the file.
A. copy
B. replace
C. move
D. delete
Question 13
The mouse button should be released when dragging a file to a folder named PowerPoint Assignments, when the __________ message displays.
A. drop in PowerPoint Assignments
B. transfer to PowerPoint Assignments
C. move to PowerPoint Assignments
D. save in PowerPoint Assignments
Question 14
A(n) __________ folder is a folder that can be accessed by other computers on your network.
A. private
B. aggregate
C. public
D. grouped
Question 15
To create a new library, in __________, click Libraries, and then, click New Library.
A. the Navigation pane
B. the Organize menu
C. the Control panel
D. Windows Explorer
Question 16
The Start menu search box is NOT used to search for:
A. programs.
B. user accounts.
C. folders.
D. files.
Question 17
When a library is arranged by file type, the icons for each type are:
A. underlined.
B. stacked.
C. highlighted.
D. italicized.
Question 18
To create a new folder on the desktop, right-click a blank area on the desktop, point to __________ on the shortcut menu, and then click Folder.
A. Add
B. Insert
C. Create
D. New
Question 19
__________ are collections of files and folders assembled from various locations.
A. Personal folders
B. Libraries
C. Jump lists
D. AppData lists
20. Once a folder is selected to be added to a library, the __________ folder button is clicked.
A. Add
B. Append
C. Include
D. Attach
7. Huang Company’s last dividend was $1.25. The dividend growth rate is expected to be constant at 15% for 3 years, after which dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 6% forever. If the firm’s required return (rs) is 11%, what is its current stock price?
5. Whited Inc.’s stock currently sells for $35.25 per share. The dividend is projected to increase at a constant rate of 4.75% per year. The required rate of return on the stock r is 11.50%. What is the stock’s expected price 5 years from now?