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Manager selects 22 random sales trainees who then randomly divided into 2 groups, one receives A and the other B training. Sales people are then assigned to work under supervisors without regard to the training they have received. At the year’s end, the manager reviews the performance of the sales people in these groups and finds the following results

A Trained group B trained group
Avg weekly sales $1,500 $1,300
Standard Deviation $225 $251

The manager wants to establish that type A training results in higher mean weekly sales than
does type B training based on the above findings.

Answer following questions designed to help manager test his hypothesis. Show all relevant
steps. Assume populations of sales people getting A and B training are approximately normally

Instructions: since alpha is not provided in the problem please use the following guidelines to make final conclusion based on p-value .

If p-value for testing Ho is less than
0.10 We have some evidence that H0is false
0.05 We have strong evidence that H0 is false
0.01 We have very strong evidence that Ho is false
0.001 We have extremely strong evidence that H0 is false