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Write an abstract for a research paper that is no more than 120 words.
2. Write a conclusion for a research paper in a minimum of 150 words or more.
3. Revise the body paragraphs of a research paper while incorporating two new paragraphs
Written Lecture
Introduction to Unit VIII
You began this course with an idea of what writing a research paper is or what it can be. You began with an idea, one that you hoped to flesh out, support, and pontificate upon in your Research Paper. You have seen that idea through by building a project around it, constructing a foundation for it in research and establishing the final research paper. Certainly, as each of you entered this course, you came with differing backgrounds and life experiences. You entered armed with these and your desire to succeed. While there is one definable product that each student must be able to complete at the end of the course—the final Research Paper—the individual achievements are more difficult to measure because, in so many ways, these individual achievements are yours personally and yours alone to fully know. For some of you, that may take the form of writing your first academic research paper; for others, that achievement may take the form of smaller goals that you have met; for instance, you may have improved your grammar skills. Whatever your achievements, you should take time to observe and recognize them.
In this final unit, you will work to revise your entire paper and to construct the last two sections, making your paper a finished Research Paper product. Now is the time for you to make those last minute corrections and revisions that you have wanted to make throughout to perfect your paper. In addition to your reflecting upon the process of constructing the Research Paper for this course, you might want to take time to reflect upon your own personal writing process.
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