Ans Doc338Y


  1. Write the C statement required to declare the variable balance which is going to be used to store a money value.
    float balance;
    2. Write only one C statement that declares the variable LastName and sets its initial value to J.
    char LastName=’J’;
    3. Provide the values of a and b at the various points (right after each instruction is executed) in this program segment.
    a = 1;
    b = 1;
    4. Declare the constant e = 2.72 to be used within a C program.
    5. Mark as correct (C) or incorrect (I) in the blank the following comment statements.
    6. In order to get the following output in the screen:
    I am 25 years old
    My last name initial is M
    complete the printf statements using the declared variables in the following program segment:
    7. Write only one printf statement to get the same output as question # 6.
    8. Complete the program segment below.
    9. Complete the program segment below:
    int age;
    printf(“Please enter your age: \n”);
    scanf(“%d”, &age);
    10. Complete the following program segment such that it prints out odd numbers from 1 to 199 and then prints “Done”.