Ans Doc378


This assignment is worth 10 points. Turn in a printout and your written results at the beginning of class on the due date.
1. Find the file which is in package ch02.stacks. Add comments to the file so that it conforms to our specification requirements:
◦ Add @author and @version tags to the file headers
◦ Add method comments and @param tags as needed to each constructor
◦ Move each method comment in front of the method it describes and switch comment symbols to Javadoc style
◦ Add @param, @precondition, and @postcondition tags to each method comment
2. Now you can generate documentation using our javadoc257 command. Generate the docs to the file ~/html/CS257/ArrayBoundedStack so I can find it online.
You only need e-mail me when the docs are online so I can go look at them.
3. (EXTRA) Add these methods to your Quadratic class from Homework 3; note that these override the versions inherited from the Object class. Don’t forget to comment the specification for each.
equals – returns true if two quadratic equations have the exact same coefficients, false otherwise clone – returns an exact copy of the quadratic equation