Ans Doc405


Project Description

The Department plans to purchase a humanoid robot. The Chairman would like you to write a program to show a greeting script the robot can use later.Your first task is to use the following script to prototype the robot for presentation:

(Robot) Computer: Hello, welcome to Montgomery College! My name is Nao. May I have your name?
(Visitor) Human: Taylor
(Robot) Computer: Nice to have you with us today, Taylor! Let me impress you with a small game. Give me the age of an important person or a pet to you. Please give me only a number!
(Visitor) Human: 2
(Robot) Computer: You have entered 2. If this is for a person, the age can be expressed as 2 years or 24 months or about 720 days or about 17280 hours or about 1036800minutes or about 62208000seconds. If this is for a dog, it is 14 years old in human age. If this is for a gold fish, it is 10 years old in human age.
(Robot) Computer: Let’s play another game, Taylor. Give me a whole number.
(Visitor) Human: 4
(Robot) Computer:Very well. Give me another whole number.
(Visitor) Human: 5
(Robot) Computer: Using the operator ‘+’ in C++, the result of 4 + 5 is 9. Using the operator ‘/’, the result of 4/5 is 0; however, the result of 4.0/5.0 is about 0.8.
(Robot) Computer: Do you like the games, Taylor? If you do, you can learn more by taking our classes. If you don’t, I am sad. You should talk to our Chairman!

Write a program that uses the script above as a guide without roles, i.e. robot computer and visitor human, to prototype robot greetingin C++. See the Sample Screen Output below.

Project Specifications

• Visitor’s name
• An age
• Two numbers

Output: The program should display the following data:
• Complete script described above
• Your name as the programmer
• Assignment/Project number
• Due date

Processing Requirements

1. The program should declare and initialize (i.e. create and assign values for) variables/constants to hold (at least) the following data:
• Robot Name. This variable will hold the Robot Name. Initialize the variable with “Nao” or a name of your choice.
• Visitor Name, this variable will hold the user’s name.
• Age. This variable will hold a person’s or a pet’s age.
• A constant variable for Programmer’s Name. Initialize the variable with your full name.
• A constant variable for Assignment Number. Initialize the variable with the value 1.
• A constant variable for Due Date. Initialize the variable with the due date of this assignment.

2. Use the above variables when creating the output of the program, for example:

cout<< “My name is “ <<robot_name;

3. Use the following for the computations in the program :

• 1 month = 30 days
• Dog’sage = 7 times human’sage,
• Gold fish age = 5 times human’s age