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Coding Assignment # 5 – Recipe Hunter
You are tasked with creating a Rails app that will display a recipe index based on a keyword entered.
1. Create a rails app called recipe_hunter
2. Generate RecipesController (recipes_controller.rb) that will have an index action
3. The above-mentioned controller should check if a request parameter keyword was passed in.
4. If it was – it should use it, and if not – it should use a default value of “chocolate” instead.
5. Create a model, Recipe (recipe.rb) that will contain a for class method that will take a keyword to query and query the Recipe Puppy API. (You should already have the Recipe class from the previous assignment. Remember, that unlike the previous assignment – you will not need to require ‘httparty’ gem in your code, since loading HTTParty gem should be the Bundler’s job.)
6. Create your view (with CSS – use your imagination) that might look something like this:
7. I should be able to click on either the title or the thumbnail and go straight to the actual recipe (out there on the web). Look at image_tag helper for defining an img tag and use this helper as the first argument to link_to helper.
8. Rails automatically escapes HTML in your strings (mainly to avoid XSS attacks Because of this – some of your titles will look wrong.
Rails has a sanitize (or raw) helper that will help you display HTML characters properly 9. Instead of having to go to http://localhost:3000/recipes/index all the time – you want this page to be the default. So, you should be able to go to http://localhost:3000/?keyword=apple%20pie and see the following
Submission Guidelines
1. Commit all the files to your local repo and push your repo out to your private team repo on github creating a remote branch called assignment5.
2. For this assignment, it might make the most sense to work on a master branch of a newly created repo and then do $git push remote_alias_github
master:assignment5 to push it out to github.
3. Deploy your homework to heroku (WARNING: Heroku only allows pushing to a remote master branch) using a URL pattern of (where X is your team number).
4. Feel free to include a README.txt with any comments, as well as your deployed assignment URL