Ans Doc425


Part 1:   use the “Ana Case Study” to write a 250-500 word PLAAFP.
Your PLAAFP should include:

• Student academic strengths
• Evaluations
• Performance in classes
• Potential influences of language, culture, and family background
• Strengths, preferences, and interests in nonacademic areas
• Any other relevant issues
Part 2: Annual Goals
Write two measurable academic goals and two measurable behavioral goals for Ana. Each goal should include:

• A specific, measurable skill/behavior to be achieved.
• A specific measurement tool or assessment strategy for measuring performance on the goal.
Part 3: Rationale
Provide a 500-750 word rationale that clearly defends how each annual goal, assessment tool or strategy, and action steps are appropriate for Ana, based on the information and data in the PLAAFP.
In addition, using the “College of Education Professional Dispositions of Learners,” identify a disposition that you, as a special education teacher, would want to especially demonstrate with Ana and her family. Explain how this disposition would assist you in incorporating Ana’s language, culture, and family background into planning and delivering instruction that meets Ana’s academic and social-emotional development needs. In addition, what steps would you recommend to Ana, her family, and the IEP team for Ana to accomplish her goals?