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After the premiere of the new comedy Bumblebee, moviegoers were asked in a quick poll whether they liked the movie. Out of 100 adults, 71 said they liked the movie, whereas out of 20 teenagers, 17 said they liked the movie. Fill in the blanks of the statement below to make the statement the most reasonable possible.

At the movie premiere, _____ moviegoers liked the movie more because only (%) disliked the movie, whereas (%) of the _____ moviegoers disliked the movie.

A decade-old study found that the proportion, p , of high school seniors who believed that “getting rich” was an important personal goal was 73%. Suppose that we have reason to believe that this proportion has changed, and we wish to carry out a hypothesis test to see if our belief can be supported. State the null hypothesis H 0 and the alternative hypothesis H 1 that we would use for this test.

An existing inventory for a test measuring self-esteem indicates that the scores have a standard deviation of 9 A psychologist gave the self-esteem test to a random sample of 150 individuals, and their mean score was 63 Construct a 90% confidence interval for the true mean of all test scores. Then complete the table below.

Carry your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places. Round your answers to one decimal place.

(If necessary, consult a list of formulas.)

What is the lower limit of the 90% confidence interval?

What is the upper limit of the 90% confidence interval?