Design a program that uses a linear List


Task 1: Linear list ascending and descending Design a program that uses a linear List. System Details:- a. Create a linked list. The list contain of a list of products. Eg. Groceries b. The list of the product must be in ascending list. c. When the program is invoke, the program must read a list of product from a text file and load the list into an ascending linear list. d. There should be functions to insert new product, delete product and save the list in the file. e. When the program exit, it must save the final list in the text file. Task 2: Complexity Analysis – Theoretically discuss and compute the complexity of all algorithms that you implemented. The discussion will describe your understanding of the algorithm. Put the complexity on a table as shown in Table 1. Table 1: Complexity Analysis Algorithm Algorithm 1 Algorithm 2 Complexity Odlog n) O(n)