Which of the following statements about handling animals in a veterinary practice is correct?
A. You must interpret an animal’s behaviors and facial expressions before handling it.
B. You should never handle an animal without the assistance of another staff member.
C. You should rely on clients to hold their own animals while you attend to them.
D. All animals can be handled in the same manner.Which of the following indicates the financial position of a practice at a point in time and shows its assets and liabilities?
A. Income statement
B. Balance sheet
C. Net income
D. Profitability sheet
Which branch of the federal government is charged with enforcing the Controlled Substances Act?
Which of the following best describes the effect your clinic has on a prospective client the first time he or she sees it?
A. A first impression may determine whether the client wants to go inside to meet the staff.
B. The veterinarian and staff are great—it doesn’t matter what the facility looks like.
C. The public knows the building is old, and we can’t do anything about it.
D. The inside is all that really really matters. We care about the animals.
The main purpose of a procedures manual is to
A. provide guidelines for filing grievances.
B. provide a clear understanding of the employer’s benefit package.
C. outline the normal operation of the practice.
D. outline the employer’s expectations of all employees.
A zoonotic disease is one that
A. can only spread between animals of the same species.
B. no longer affects certain species.
C. is developed from a parasite and cannot spread between animals.
D. can spread between species.
Back injuries due to lifting are very common in veterinary practice. For which of the following weight ranges is it typical to ask for assistance before lifting?
A. 10–20 pounds
B. 40–50 pounds
C. 20–30 pounds
D. 30–40 pounds
Websites have become a popular place to showcase veterinary facilities. Which information would you most likely find on a veterinary website?
A. Information about the services offered
B. Fees for services
C. Veterinarian salaries
D. Client demographics
Which of the following is true of an estimate for patient care?
A. An estimate should be as low as possible to encourage the client to approve a surgery.
B. The final bill can never be more than the estimate.
C. It’s safe to assume that clients know what procedures on the estimate entail.
D. It’s better to estimate a higher cost than a lower cost.
Which log book is legally mandated?
A. X-ray log
B. Laboratory test log
C. Anesthesia log
D. Controlled-substances log
Which of the following would be considered objective information in a patient’s medical record?
A. Interpretation of radiographs
B. Manner in which the patient moves
C. How the patient responds to palpation
D. Lethargic and eating less
At a veterinary practice, journal articles are often filed using the _______ system.
A. numerical
B. chronological
C. problem-oriented
D. subject-based
What are the three typical time frames for ordering most supplies in a veterinary practice?
A. Monthly, biannually, or annually
B. Weekly, monthly or quarterly
C. Daily, bimonthly, or monthly
D. Weekly, biquarterly, or annually
Which of the following is the formula for determining average daily value (ADV)?
A. Value of inventory at start of year + value at end of year ÷ 4
B. Value of inventory at end of year – value at start of year ÷ 4
C. Value of inventory at end of year – value at start of year ÷ 2
D. Value of inventory at start of year + value at end of year ÷ 2
What is the reason most practices don’t have an emergency plan?
A. Clients will assist in any emergency.
B. Common sense will tell the staff what to do.
C. The fire department requires only extinguishers and exit signs.
D. The staff thinks an emergency won’t happen to them.
Which agency controls the scheduled-drug handling in the clinic?
Which of the following is an example of capital equipment/supplies in a veterinary practice?
A. Needles
B. Autoclave
C. Grooming shampoo
D. Suture
An MSDS would likely be consulted in which of the following scenarios?
A. Spill of an inhalant anesthetic agent
B. Slip and fall
C. Loss of radiation exposure monitoring badge
D. Animal bite wound