A survey posted on the web in a recent month asked respondents to provide a satisfaction rating regarding a certain Democratic politician’s policies and their political affiliation.
Of 206 respondents, 80 were Democrats.
A total of 143 respondents thought the current politician was doing better than his predecessor.
A total of 57 respondents were both Democratic and voted that he was doing better.
How many respondents were not Democrats and did not think he was doing better?
use the percent formula,
Upper A equals PB A=PB, where A is P percent of B, to answer the following question. What is 23% of 20?

Suppose that the local sales tax rate is5% and you purchase a car for $29,400.
a. How much tax is paid?
b. What is the car’s total cost?
The principal represents an amount of money deposited in a savings account subject to compound interest at the given rate.
$ 60002 %monthly
5 years
A. Find how much money there will be in the account after the given number of years.
B. Find the interest earned.
A passbook savings account has a rate of 8 % Find the effective annual yield, rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent, if the interest is compounded semiannually.
Parents wish to have
$140,000 available for a child’s education. If the child is now 5 years old, how much money must be set aside at 4% compounded semiannually to meet their financial goal when the child is 18?
A sofa regularly sells for $730. The sale price is $678.90. Find the percent decrease of the sale price from the regular price.
The principal P is borrowed and the loan’s future value A at time t is given. Determine the loan’s simple interest rate r.P = $6000.00A = $7620.00,
t =
3 years
A sofa regularly sells for Suppose that you borrow $3000.00 from a friend and promise to pay back $4800.00 in 3 years. What simple interest rate will you pay?
Write the decimal 2.81 as a percent.
Write the decimal 2.81 as a percent.
Suppose that you borrow $3000.00 from a friend and promise 20 %
Suppose you have $15000 to invest. Which of the two rates would yield the larger amount in 4 years
9% compounded monthly
8.89% compounded continuously?