1- Dave Flatch, CEO of Flatch’es Latches Hardware Distributors, is trying to decide if it makes sense to outsource their warehouse order picking activity. Currently, Dave employs two order pickers each with an annual salary of $46,500. In addition, Dave estimates the cost per order picked is around $9.88 each (for packing supplies and other incremental expenses). Pickers Unlimited claims that they will pick orders for a fixed (one time per year) fee of $111,000 and will charge only $7.98 per order picked. Last year, a total of 9,100 orders were picked in Dave’s warehouse.

Answer the following four questions (a through d) and show your answer and your work in the space below the question. You may either hand-write your work and submit a scan of the handwritten document or you may enter your work directly onto this Word document and then submit the Word file. Be sure to submit both pages (with the four questions answered).

a. What was the total cost Flatch experienced last year due to the order picking function? (25%)
b. What would the cost have been if Flatch’es Latches would have used Pickers Unlimited last year? (25%)
c. What is the indifference quantity between the two alternatives? (25%)
d. If Flatch expects the picking volume to be 10,000 orders next year, should he use Pickers Unlimited? In doing this, how much would he save over the alternative? (25%)